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Do you ever wonder what goes on in a hypnotists therapy room?

Well, here are my X-Files!

Why do people come to see me?….. The reasons are many and varied, as you will see….

Miss X came to see me regarding an awful fear about injections. This was a big nuisance as she needed a vaccination but she was terrified of the pain, the side effects and was also worried she would faint! What did we do? We uncovered where her fear came from and wiped it out! Then we set an anchor so she could feel fearless and courageous throughout the whole process……

Did we sort it out? You bet we did!

I saw Mrs X with lockdown/heath anxiety. She was anxious about going out and very worried about going back to work A couple sessions down the line and she is back to work and coping so well.

Does she feel like a new woman? You bet she does!

I was online with Mr X, who felt he needed more focus and drive for his business. We did a rather snazzy hypnotic process called Mindscaping which enabled him to ‘find his way’ and get his business thriving.

Did it work? You bet it did!

Mrs X came to see me with really bad anxiety. She wasn’t sleeping well, she felt she couldn’t cope with the pressures of her job, she was tired of feeling put upon, and felt she was not capable of doing her job anymore! Hypnotherapist to the rescue….. we very quickly got her feeling back to her old confident self, her sleeping improved and so did her life!

Is she smiling now? You bet she is!

Mr X came to see me completely stressed out. He couldn’t concentrate, he was snappy all the time, had problems sleeping…. After my 4 session plan he is now feeing great and back on track!

Did we do well? You bet we did!

Mr X came to see me for performance anxiety. He always felt terrified about giving work presentations, and this was getting in the way of his career prospects. A few sessions later and he has smashed it. He’s now presenting confidently, and feeling good!

Do we rock? You bet we do!

I jumped on Zoom with Mr X. He has anxiety issues which we will most certainly clear up for him. But on top of this, he had an annoying pain in his head, which his doctor said wasn’t anything serious, just a side effect of anxiety…. So what did we do? We got rid of that horrible pain in just a few minutes by using a fantastic hypnotic technique, so now we can move on and squash that anxiety!

Was he happy? You bet he was!

Miss X came to see me for a golfing issue. A couple sessions later, and with new extra focus she’s now smashing it!

Is she winning? You bet she is!

I saw Miss X this afternoon. She was particularly worried about driving along a certain road, and this was a fear that had been with her for a long time, stopping her making certain journeys in that direction. A couple rounds of IEMT (integral Eye Movement Therapy) sorted that out in no time at all.

Was she pleased? You bet!

You will notice there are a lot of Mr and Mrs X’s …. Perhaps you would like to feature here too and be the next Mr or Mrs X? (I will never divulge your real identity!)

Some of my Certifications

3 Best Rated 2023
CNCH Accredited
Advanced BLAST Technique Practitioner
Profound Somnambulism Master Practitioner
Certified Hypno-Oncolocy Practitioner