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‘Face to Face’ online

A lot of people have asked me why I am not doing ‘face to face’ appointments.
Most people who ask this mean in the same room, like a treatment room or clinic. Right now, we would need to wear masks – it is one of the rules laid out by my professional body. Unfortunately I cannot do my job properly if I can’t see your face, so quite simply, I don’t do Mask to Mask appointments.

Here are some of the reasons:

I need to see your face – I need to see subtle changes of colour in your cheeks during session which offer clues to your emotional state, and when you are having actual hypnosis this also gives me a clue about depth of your trance.

Your expressions will also give me non-verbal clues that help me to assess how we are doing.

I take notice of your micro expressions as well as your overall demeanour.

The face tells quite a story and I would prefer not to guess what your face is doing! So there is a lot of non-verbal communication I take notice of in your sessions.

I can see these things on Zoom, which is why this is my favourite method of therapy at the moment. And it is actually more face to face than ‘face to face’ at the moment!

Come and give it a go – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Online therapy works!

My hypnotherapy sessions work just as well online, as they do in my clinic. I usually do my sessions over Zoom, although it is also possible for us to use Teams if that is your preference. Zoom is free, easy to use and secure; we provide comprehensive instructions if required.

The convenience of being at home and not having to trek to the clinic, can be a great advantage and will save you time.

Being the therapist of your choice, it doesn’t matter if we live at opposite ends of the country, or even in a different country.

So if for any reason you cannot get out… we can get online!


This is my online therapy room, I would love to welcome you in.

My Online Treatment Room

Zoom sessions are effective and efficient, and they also have some extra bonuses…..

  • You don’t need to wear a mask
  • You can’t catch the virus online
  • You don’t have to drive anywhere
  • You don’t need to find parking
  • You can do it all from where you feel comfortable.

So if you haven’t tried online therapy yet, give me a call and let’s give it a go!

Do I need anything special to get online?

No, most people have everything they need already at home

  • A device to connect to the Zoom call – PC, tablet or phone
  • A good internet connection
  • A headset is nice but not essential

Why not contact me today and book a session. You can email or call 07378 173353


“Thank you so much for the session that I had with you. I have so much joy with what I do now. xxxx”