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Let me help you overcome your fears and phobias, especially if it gets in the way of living your life to the full.

Perhaps you have a fear of flying so won’t go away on holiday, or maybe you are afraid of wasps or birds? For many people, needle phobia is getting in the way of them having medical treatment or vaccines.

There is no shame in having a fear or phobia. In fact about 10% of the world population have a phobia!

Sometimes it is obvious why a phobia started but sometimes it isn’t so obvious. But whatever it is for you, we can deal with it.

Phobias usually take 1 or 2 sessions to eradicate; depending on what type of phobia it is; how complex it is; and of course we take you, and how you tick into consideration.

I am trained in various methods of phobia treatment, so we will find a way that’s right for you! So if you have had enough of your phobia or fear, get in touch. I offer a free enquiry call so it won’t cost to anything to find out how I can help you.

If you are worried about losing your fear because you cannot imagine facing it, we can deal with that too.

Here is a list of common phobias

  1. Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders)
  2. Ophidiophobia (Fear of snakes)
  3. Acrophobia (Fear of heights)
  4. Aerophobia (Fear of flying)
  5. Cynophobia (Fear of dogs)
  6. Astraphobia (Fear of thunder and lightning)
  7. Trypanophobia (Fear of injections)
  8. Social Phobia (Social anxiety disorder)
  9. Agoraphobia (Fear of a situation where escape may be difficult)
  10. Mysophobia (Fear of germs)
  11. Claustrophobia (Fear of small spaces)
  12. Glossophobia (Fear of public speaking)

And if your phobia is not on this list – don’t worry – we can still deal with it.

So why not book a free enquiry call and find out how I can help you?

It was a pleasure having my sessions with Jane to overcome my fear of dogs especially as we now have a puppy. Jane made me feel very welcome and relaxed on our sessions over Zoom. The work/treatment has helped me tremendously and over such as short space of time. I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I would highly recommend you make contact with Jane to request her help.

Some of my Certifications

3 Best Rated 2023
CNCH Accredited
Advanced BLAST Technique Practitioner
Profound Somnambulism Master Practitioner
Certified Hypno-Oncolocy Practitioner