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Three Best Rated 2021

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Reviews  Received

I was actually quite surprised at how well online hypnosis worked. In the comfort of your own space you can fully relax and are taken on quite a journey. Jane is very patient and helped uncover root issues that have triggered many years of extreme anxiety. I am still working on that journey but in only a few sessions, I have now had no panic attacks in 3 weeks. I was experiencing them at least 3 times a week. This for me is huge and I can’t recommend Jane’s expertise enough. Thank you.


I don’t know if you can see in the picture this ENORMOUS spider that I recently came across  then on holiday (it was way bigger than my  hand) – before I went I was quite worried about coming across sights such as this but Jane helped me beforehand with some tips and tricks and…you know what…they worked!!! This spider was actually quite beautiful – I would never have got close enough to realise this in the past 🤣. Thank you Jane!


I had a session with Jane, and found it more than useful, It reminded me just how relaxed and confident I can be. She was most attentive, and reassuring. Prior to the first session, I was without confidence and feeling nervous. I know feel I can go forward in a positive way with Jane’s treatment plan.


I contacted Jane to help me manage my comfort eating (and drinking) during the day and night. She has really helped me and I no longer crave wine early evening and am starting to better manage my night time eating. Jane listens so well, is kind and caring and has a lovely sense of humour which makes the sessions not only very effective but also enjoyable! I have no hesitation in recommending Jane, and I’m sure she’s someone who I will help me again in the future if the need arises.


After 20 years of being unable to go in a lift due to claustrophobia, I actually travelled in one today. I can’t believe that I actually did it.
Thank you Jane you are amazing, without you I would still be climbing the stairs forever more.


On Friday I had some hypnotherapy with the absolutely awesome Jane Clark to try and get me over my stage fright. It was extremely effective and I was able to concentrate rather than tremor all the way through my audition. Obviously there was still butterflies and nerves but I didn’t feel the total abject fear that I usually do. I will be recommending Jane to anyone who will listen, especially those with stage fright. I don’t know the results of my audition yet, but Jane gave me such a better chance of showing how much work I had done, more so than any other time. I know I can grow in my performance with more practice and direction, and keeping the nerves under tighter control will only help me more.


Two days ago I was in ridiculous levels of pain flooding my mouth. I had hypnotherapy with Jane yesterday. Since then I have eaten two meals, had two hot drinks and two cold drinks and no pain!!! I can’t take away the fact the tooth still needs to come out but we’re hoping the pain will hold off until the given appointment. Amazing!


Jane was a brilliant guide, who had a lot of knowledge to find the right techniques to help me on my journey with hypnotherapy. She helped me heal past experiences, which were negatively affecting my life for a while, and I have since been able to work on having healthier relationships with others and myself. She was open and friendly from day one, so I felt totally comfortable and safe when going into hypnosis – If I ever uncover something that needs healing in me in the future, I would go back to Jane in a heartbeat.


Trying hypnotherapy as an alternative type of treatment was very helpful to me. I found Jane to be very professional and knowledgeable in this field and I felt confident that she could help. Jane was very personable, which made this experience a lot easier. I would definitely recommend Jane if you want to try this type of treatment.


It was a pleasure having my sessions with Jane to overcome my fear of dogs especially as we now have a puppy. Jane made me feel very welcome and relaxed on our sessions over Zoom. The work/treatment has helped me tremendously and over such as short space of time. I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I would highly recommend you make contact with Jane to request her help.


I attended hypnotherapy with Jane to deal with anxiety around food and body image. Jane is such a wonderful lady who is caring and understanding. I had such traditional views of hypnotherapy when I was first researching a local hypnotherapist however, Jane has completely changed my understanding of this and how the brain can learn to cope in situations. Not only did she provide me with the traditional hypnotherapy I was expecting but she also introduced me to ‘BLAST’. Having never heard of BLAST therapy before I was intrigued as to whether it would work and honestly, it is the therapy I never knew I needed. Jane was so patient with me, working through previous memories to remove the negative self-talk and feelings of worry, upset, sadness and anxiety surrounding those memories that were impacting my life. I am a big advocate of BLAST therapy and would advise people considering hypnotherapy to try this alongside the traditional treatments. Jane has worked so hard with me to relieve the uncomfortable feelings I was feeling on weekly if not daily basis and for that I will be forever grateful. Jane has given me the emotional relief I needed in order to start to believe that I can now consider starting a family safely and (hopefully) naturally.


A brief encounter with what I feel now was just an over boisterous dog , triggered a flashback of a traumatic event in my childhood. It was totally out of the blue and unexpected and was troubling me and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Jane used the BLAST technique to help me process this. It was quick !! very fast but gentle way of processing the memory. I felt very safe as I was totally awake and present during the process and it took just one session!. It was really effective and I now realise now that my fear of dogs was also triggering past trauma which was unresolved. But thanks to Jane these events are no longer impactful.


I saw Jane last week for the Profound Somnambulism hypnotherapy.

​Jane spent some time going through the process, asking questions about me and also asking if I had any questions about the session, she also took notes during our conversation and made sure that I was happy with what we were seeking to achieve.

Jane had a really gentle way about her and I felt very calm and she reassured me that I would be safe and that there was nothing to be fearful of.

I was comfortable and felt very protected in the room.

After the hypnosis Jane made sure that I was fully awake and then we chatted about the process, going into as much detail as necessary for me to understand, she again reassured me that everything was safe and I felt very comfortable.

I would most definitely recommend Jane for any kind of hypnotherapy treatments as Jane has a very gentle, reassuring, kind nature and I immediately felt safe and comfortable with her.


After an extremely challenging year I was very anxious and struggling to function. Within a couple of sessions with Jane I started to feel much calmer and able to take control of my life again.

Thanks Jane. I highly recommend your treatment and have already passed on your contact details to a friend of a friend. I will certainly return if I need further treatment.


Jane is an amazing hypnotherapist who has the most relaxing voice, which I feel really adds to her skills for this wonderful therapy.

Over the last few months she has given me several sessions to help with stress/anxiety for which I am feeling so much better.

Speaking from experience I know this wonderful therapy works.

Hypnotherapy really helps with so many things that happen to us in life especially if you are a sensitive person.

I would recommend Jane and her wonderful skills to anyone who feels they need a little help with feeling 100%

Thank you Jane.


I was very nervous about using Hypnosis and so it was very important to me to find someone I could trust, feel safe and be comfortable enough to be hypnotised. I looked at several therapist in the area but when I read your website details and immediately liked what you had written and felt you were the person I could trust we share many values and your positivity was very obvious. Your immediate email response confirmed this for me

From my first appointment I was made to feel welcome and given hope that I could get back to the person I desperately wanted to be. I saw Jane six times over six weeks for anxiety and stress, Everything was explained to me In great and easy to understand detail and all my questions were answered. I had a trial session so that I knew exactly what would be involved and how I would feel. It was such a great feeling to just relax and let her treat me. I have relaxation recordings that I had to listen to every day and these help me as part of the treatment. They can be listened to at anytime during the day in addition to the recommendations and they are great for a refreshing boost in the day to help overcome nerves, tiredness or just a feel good confidence boost.

I felt completely safe and confident that Jane could help me and after just my trial session felt happier and confident things were going to be ok!

As a result of the hypnotherapy my life has completely changed in so many ways. I feel happy inside, have confidence I didn’t know I had and am so positive about the future and all the changes I have made I am excited every day. I am able to sleep like never before, good sound sleep every night. I owe all this to Jane and her expertise and positivity. She is very professional and her knowledge incredible I have and will continue to recommend her to all my friends and family and anyone else that asks me about it.

I would also like to return to see Jane for help with weight loss and have complete faith in her to help me do this. I have to commit to her as well for it to be successful and for the first time in my life I actually believe it will be I look forward to this in the near future.

I am so grateful to Jane for everything….for who she is so that I was able to trust and feel safe. For her positivity and belief in helping others, For her expertise and knowledge that she shared and used to help me. For all the recordings and own time she spent sending them and most importantly for her belief in me and helping me at my lowest.

Thank you


I took my son to Jane after being recommended by a friend. Jane has a lovely reassuring voice, she quickly put my son and myself at ease. Jane used personalised therapy, and gave us recordings to use at home, which help my son and myself when I need it. He now falls asleep alone and sleeps through the night, we tried other treatments and therapists, but Jane with her honesty and understanding was the one that worked. Thank you Jane


Jane came into our life at just the right time, recommended by a friend.

My daughter was undergoing GCSEs and we were both feeling the strain. Jane’s therapy saved us from killing each other and as in unforeseen by-product I managed to actually lose weight which was a surprise as I normally gain weight during stressful times.

Her lovely manner is so soothing and reassuring in a totally not pushy non-judgemental way.

I have been recommending her to anyone willing to listen!

I need to find another excuse to go back to her!


My daughter had hypnotherapy with Jane the night before her 11+. It was amazing. My daughter was happy and relaxed after the session, and it really helped to keep her anxiety down just before the exam.


Thank you so much for the session that I had with you. I have so much joy with what I do now. xxxx


I would highly recommend Jane. I saw her for migraines and the results have been amazing. I have only had 2 this year compared to 17 last! Life changing….


I couldn’t believe how beneficial it was for a few issues I had going on. Jane was not only very friendly but explained everything clearly and put me at ease before we started the sessions. Thank you so much Jane!!


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