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Heading - The Stress and Anxiety Specialist

Helping you make positive changes in your life

Specialising in the treatment of stress, anxiety and PTSD, and providing hypnotherapy in High Wycombe, Bucks and online for the whole of the UK


At Hypnoquility we are committed to your wellbeing and aim to help you in overcoming difficulties you may have. Life can be stressful, and at times we all need a little help in focusing our thoughts and getting our lives in order.

If you are feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed, I can help you get yourself back on track in a safe and gentle way.


In addition to hypnotherapy I use other therapeutic approaches to make your treatment personal to you, helping you make the changes you want to make.

All sessions are held in confidence and privacy. A lot of my work is content-free which means you do not have to divulge information that might cause you distress.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions I am not seeing clients in person at present but am providing online and teletherapy. Both work very well. To find out more about online therapy look here.

One of the amazing advantages of online therapy is that it actually doesn’t matter how close we are location-wise, we can still talk face to face over Zoom from the comfort of wherever you are.

To see how Hypnotherapy has helped some of our clients please see the what my clients say page.

“From my first appointment I was made to feel welcome and given hope that I could get back to the person I desperately wanted to be……”

Do you suffer from Needle Phobia and are concerned how you will deal with having the Covid-19 vaccine?

I am offering affordable treatment for needle phobia, to help you overcome this difficulty, enabling you to have the Covid-19 vaccine without that overwhelming fear, and to get rid of the phobia for good! More details here.

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