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Pain is what you feel – no one else can feel your pain.

Hypnosis for pain management is not a newly invented therapy. It has been around for a couple of centuries.

Pain is a safety system, especially in acute pain. It will tell you that you have injured yourself and that part of the body needs rest or repair. It will also alert you of illness and strain.

For many the pain will go away as the body repairs itself, but for some people they will have a pain that lingers and turns into chronic pain

Treatment takes place over a number of sessions. Your appointments will consist of talking therapy as well as pain directed hypnosis. I will teach you relaxation techniques and some self-hypnosis, and provide recordings to listen to between sessions.

I cannot guarantee that your pain will completely disappear but if instructions are followed most people having treatment experience a reduction in pain and an ability to keep it under control.

If you have chronic pain, I can also use OldPain2Go® techniques.

Some of my Certifications

3 Best Rated 2023
CNCH Accredited
Advanced BLAST Technique Practitioner
Profound Somnambulism Master Practitioner
Certified Hypno-Oncolocy Practitioner