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The news has hailed the new Covid-19 vaccines, and it is a credit to all the amazing work that the scientists and researchers have done over the past few months. The vaccination program has started and in the coming months we will all take our turns to have this Covid-19 vaccine, but for some people this feels like a complete nightmare!

If you have a fear of needles or a fear of having injections, now is the time to do something about it, and be ready for the new vaccine, or in fact, any other procedure you need to have with a needle – like holiday jabs, having blood taken, or the injection you have at the dentist.

The problem with needle phobia is the avoidance it causes, with people not wanting to go for a vaccination or a blood test, or in extreme cases, people not having medical treatment because of their excessive fear of needles. So it is good to know we can get rid of these terrifying feelings and eliminate a phobia for good, enabling the person to get on with their life without that excessive fear.

I am offering affordable treatment for needle phobia, to help you overcome this difficulty, enabling you to have the Covid-19 vaccine without that overwhelming fear, and to get rid of the phobia for good!

Depending on your personal situation, the fear of needles can typically be eliminated in one to four sessions, and often it is eliminated in just a single session. Treatment takes place online, at the moment, and results will be the same as if you had the treatment face to face.

Some general information on phobias

What is a phobia? An extreme irrational fear of anything! From Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) to Zoophobia (fear of animals) there are many and varied phobias that cause people problems.

How are phobias caused? Phobias can develop any time from childhood to adulthood, and most commonly are a result of a scary or stressful experience.

What is the difference between a fear and a phobia? Fear is a natural emotion that protects people from harm when they face a real danger. A phobia is an excessive fear that is related to either a specific situation or object, that is out of proportion to the actual danger this presents.

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