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A Time for Change…. Or is it?

We’ve survived December with all that Christmas shopping, the parties, an excess of eating and drinking, and we’ve hit New Year at the speed of light! December is such a busy month, and now that we are entering the new year, perhaps there is time to just take a breather…

So my question is….Is this really a good moment to start trying to make big changes in our lives? Or should we just sit back and take stock?

For many, the New Year will feel better spending time reflecting and working out what has been good, and enjoying thinking about the achievements of the past year. Who says change must always happen on January 1st? Actually the best day to start is the day you are ready!

So if New Year’s Day is not the day to start your new life/routine/regime, then enjoy your New Year and look forward to another year, full of promise and possibilities. And when you are ready you can make those changes and alterations….

But you know, one size does not fit all, and if you love the speed and the buzz of December and relish the thought of whizzing into the New Year with resolutions flowing out of you, I’ll take my hat off to you anyway, and wish you a very Happy New Year!

Tip for success

  1. Just make one resolution – you are more likely to be successful
  2. Be ready – forward planning is always useful. You may need to get in different food, remove ash-trays, plan a new exercise routine – basically whatever is specific to your needs
  3. Set a date – remember it doesn’t need to be January 1st, but forward setting a date is always very helpful so you have that start date.
  4. Be realistic and set yourself small steps in the right direction. Lots of small steps are easier than a big leap.
  5. Forgive yourself. If you have a slip-up, dust yourself off and get going again. Just because you have a slip, it doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself. Change is not easy…. But you can do it!
  6. Track your progress. This can be very motivating – keep a diary or a chart to help you on your way.
  7. Reward yourself. How often and how much is up to you, but small rewards along the way can make the journey easier.
  8. Stick to it, knowing that it takes at least three weeks to form a habit, and if you want it to really become a part of you, we are talking more like three months – which is fine if you really want that change. It’s just worth knowing this so you know it will get easier, it just takes a little time.
  9. Tell your friends and family about your goals – then they are more likely to help you.
  10. Believe in yourself!

Good luck in the New Year and enjoy celebrating your successes.