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Why do you smoke?

Why do you smoke?

Most people’s answer to this question is “It relaxes me”

So I think you should know that there are very few relaxant chemicals in tobacco, but there are plenty of poisons and carcinogens! (* more info at the bottom of the page) Now you probably get some relaxation from the smoking process…. and this is because it is a break-time, or a time to be sociable, or it’s time to plonk yourself in your favourite chair with a cup of tea! So having that ciggie break is a trigger to relax – it’s not actually the tobacco that makes you relax.

The way you breathe as you take the first few drags of the cigarette relaxes you – the way you draw it in, hold it, and then you do a long out breath as you blow that smoke away…… That is a form or breathing used for relaxation…. So the truth is, you don’t need the tobacco! You can do it without! Why not give it a go? Just so you know, there is science behind this: a long out-breath activates the para sympathetic nervous system which causes relaxation – so it is the breath, not the cigarette that relaxes! Of course the tobacco companies would have you think otherwise.

And you know, there are plenty ways to relax without putting a burning stick in your mouth. So if you have had enough of the expense, the cough, the smell and the faff of smoking, start exercising your choice, and choose to stop!

Have a think about your choices, after all they are yours… – no one is forcing you to smoke, no one has stuffed a cigarette in your mouth with the command “Smoke it!” The likelihood is, you made the decision to smoke years ago, probably as a child or teenager… but it could be the time now to update that choice! You are now an adult with a more discerning mind, and you now know what harm smoking does to your body.

Now you may think you have no choice because you are “addicted”. So many people call smoking an addiction. To be honest it isn’t much of one at all. Nicotine is a quick-in, quick-out chemical, and its addictive qualities aren’t what you are led to believe. The biggest addiction to smoking is the habit! But you know, habits can be changed really quite quickly, and it’s easy to get help for this if you need it.

To help you relax and to start thinking about updating your choices download my free relaxation MP3 You never know what you may choose to be, or do…… but be assured your choices will be choices made by you for you…..

And if you’d like help stopping email me at or take a look here

*There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, cigarettes create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are toxic.

Many of these chemicals also are found in consumer products, but these products have warning labels—such as rat poison packaging. While the public is warned about the danger of the poisons in these products, there is no such warning for the toxins in tobacco smoke.

Here are a few of the chemicals in tobacco smoke and other places they are found:

Acetone—found in nail polish remover
Acetic acid—an ingredient in hair dye
Ammonia—a common household cleaner
Arsenic—used in rat poison
Benzene—found in rubber cement and petrol
Butane—used in lighter fluid
Cadmium—active component in battery acid
Carbon monoxide—released in car exhaust fumes
Formaldehyde—embalming fluid
Hexamine—found in barbecue lighter fluid
Lead—used in batteries
Naphthalene—an ingredient in mothballs
Methanol—a main component in rocket fuel
Nicotine—used as an insecticide
Tar—material for paving roads
Toluene—used to manufacture paint