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Let’s get “face to face” online

A lot of people have asked me why I am not doing ‘face to face’ appointments!

For most people who ask this they are meaning in the same room, like a treatment room or clinic. In the current climate we would need to wear masks – it is one of the rules laid out by my professional body. Now I don’t see how I can do my job properly if I can’t see my client’s face, so quite simply, I don’t do Mask to Mask appointments.

Just so you know, here are some reasons: I need to see your face – I need to see subtle changes of colour in your cheeks during session which offer clues of your emotional state, and when you are having actual hypnosis this also gives me a clue of depth of your trance. Your expressions will also give me non-verbal clues that help me to assess how we are doing. I take notice of your micro expressions as well as your overall demeanour. The face tells quite a story and I would prefer not to guess what your face is doing! So there is a lot of non-verbal communication I take notice of in your sessions.

I can see these things on Zoom, which is why this is my favourite method of therapy at the moment. And it is actually more face to face than ‘face to face’ at the moment! And contrary to some people’s beliefs, Zoom is very personal and friendly, and all the techniques I use work very well for this virtual method of therapy.

Of course, it’s not all about the face. I also look at how you are breathing, where your eyes are moving to when you access memories. There is so much to see when you look at someone. I am trained to do this and I simply can’t do my job properly if I can’t see you properly.
So for me – Zoom appointments are fabulous, and for those people I see in my online treatment room it seems to be great too. No travelling to the clinic, no need to find parking, so it’s a great time saver, as well as being an efficient method of therapy.

So if you haven’t tried online therapy out yet, come and give it a go – you may be pleasantly surprised!