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Do you want to lose weight? Would you like a healthier lifestyle where you are slimmer and have more vitality?

​Obesity and being overweight can cause a host of medical problems – diabetes, gallstones, reduced fertility, osteoarthritis, sleep-apnoea, high cholesterol to name just a few…..

Hypnotherapy for Weight-Loss

Hypnotherapy can be very useful in weight management. It can help transform your approach to food, exercise and health. It will allow you to stop yo-yo dieting and encourage you to take care of yourself in a more positive way. It will help you to stop being obsessed with food, and also help you get rid of feelings of guilt and failure. Hypnotherapy is very useful in dealing with food cravings and to help you find the triggers that make you overeat, and it will generally improve your relationship with food.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, relaxing, drug-free treatment. As long as you are committed you will feel more in control from the very beginning of the weight-loss program.

Many diet and weight loss programmes don’t work. This is because they only focus on food and not your mindset.

Your mindset is massively important in your weight loss success and when we work together that this the first thing we will tackle so that the weight loss happens easily. I will show you how your brain works in relation to dieting so you can understand where your difficulties come from.

Sessions include talking therapy as well as hypnosis. I would suggest 3 weekly sessions to get you on your way, and then follow-up appointments fortnightly or monthly to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

As an alternative I also offer virtual gastric band treatment, which is a hypnotherapy technique used to suggest to the subconscious that you’ve had a gastric band fitted around your stomach, to help you lose weight.

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