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Hypnotherapy is a gentle, drug-free form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to encourage positive change. With the use of relaxation techniques you will be helped to reach a state where the conscious part of your mind is relaxed and your subconscious part is more open to suggestion. This state is called trance and is a very pleasant state of focused concentration – it is a bit like a day dream with that lovely feeling you get when you are dropping off to sleep.

There are different types of hypnotherapy. I practise Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which looks to help people achieve positive change by focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on their problems. It is a well-researched, very effective form of therapy.

Hypnotherapy sessions involve more than just hypnosis. During the first part of each session we talk about the progress you have made, and you will be encouraged to express yourself positively, focusing on solutions that will improve your life.

CNCH Accredited
Profound Somnambulism Master Practitioner
Member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
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